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Our range of possibilities is wide, always adapting us to the necessities of each client. We have an extraordinary variety of buses to be able to offer the following services:


Companies and institutions

* Displacements of personal
* Visits of work
* Cultural visits and leisure
* Meetings

autobuses para colegios* Scholastic routes
* Educative and cultural visits
* Sport displacements
* Campings and end-of-year trips

autobuses para asociaciones* Excursions
* Cultural and leisure visits
* Tourist and sport displacements
* Trips
Tourist transport

* Transfers
* Visits and displacements
* National and international circuits
* Transfers airport / railroad station
Congresses and events

autobuses para congresos* Express transport hotel/congress
* Transfers (suppers, spectacles, etc.)
* Technical visits
* Transfers airport / railroad station

* Excursions
* Cultural and leisure visits
* Tourist and sport displacements

* Social and familiar events (weddings, tributes...)
* Single-end celebrations

Coach Dani - Mar, since 1995 

Coach Dani-Mar was founded in 1995, with maximum experience in discretionary and school passenger. For this we have an efficient and professional staff and own fleet.

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Paris Street, Number 1 - 7 ship 26
Polígono Industrial Cova Solera
Phone.:(+34) 935 887 543
08191 - Rubí - (BCN - Spain)
[email protected]
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Autocares Dani-Mar es una empresa especializada en el transporte discrecional y escolar de viajeros con mas de 10 años de experiencia
Telefono: 935 887 543
Mon-Fri 9 - 19:00

Dani Mar S.L.
C/ de París, número 1 – 7, nave 26 Poligono Industrial Cova Solera 08191 Rubi, Barcelona

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